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High-speed bench-top centrifuge for microhematocrit determinations with brushless frequency drive. At 16.060 g sedimentation is completed in just a little over 6 minutes. The H-240 centrifuge includes a segmented hematocrit rotor for 24 capillaries. With the segmented Hematocrit rotor every capillary has its own chamber. If a capillary breaks, the fragments stay in this chamber or segment without affecting other capillaries. The lid of the rotor is evaluation disc and cover in one. The hematocrit value can be read off the lid/evaluation disc right after centrifugation.

Lab Supply


Practical and handy the S-8 is the ideal centrifuge for small sample volumens. It is supplied with a 8-place angle steel rotor, which accomodates various tube systems as well as 15 ml glass tubes without adapters. The centrifuge is microprocessor controlled.

Lab Supply


The non-refrigerated microprocessor-controlled C-28 A is the ideal bench-top centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in doctors’ laboratories and small hospitals. But because of the wide range of accessories the C-28 A can also be used for sample preparation in research and industrial laboratories. The centrifuge has a brushless frequency drive (no carbon brushes). A special locking device allows effortless opening and closing of the lid with just one hand.

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