1ml Insulin Syringe with 29g Fixed Needle

  • Non-toxic medical grade polypropylene / polyethylene designed for its compatibility with medication.
  • Single Use
  • Sterilized
  • Non Pyrogenic
  • Individually barcoded blister pouch
  • Safety Cap on needle /Safety Protector Needle Cap
  • Needle is integrated with the barrel
  • Clear visible markings enable accuracy for dosage measurement and administration
  • U-100 marking


Healthease syringes are made from non-toxic medical grade polypropylene/ polyethylene designed for its compatibility with medication. Such high-grade material in conjunction with modern manufacturing techniques, provides for a robust syringe with excellent watertight properties. Healthease syringes assimilate the following features that conform to our standards for safety, convenience and user-friendliness, providing high quality for health care professionals. All Healthease 3 Part Syringes are latex and PVC free indicating that the additional black gasket found in 3 part syringes specifically is always guaranteed latex free.