BOECO Hematocrit Centrifuge HC-240

High-speed bench-top centrifuge for hematocrit determinations with brushless frequency drive. At 16.060 g sedimentation is completed in just a little over 6 minutes.

The HC-240 centrifuge includes a segmented hematocrit rotor for 24 capillaries. With the segmented hematocrit rotor every capillary has its own chamber. If a capillary breaks, the fragments stay in this chamber or segment without affecting other capillaries.

The lid of the rotor is evaluation disc and cover in one.
The hematocrit value can be read off the lid/evaluation disc right after centrifugation.

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Controls and displays

  • During centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are indicated
  • The centrifuge’s speed and running time can be variably adjusted for different applications.
  • Speed display in RPM or RCF
    RPM input from 200 to 10.000 in steps of 10, starting from 10.000 to the maximum speed in steps of 100
    RCF input from 200 to 10.000 in steps of 1, starting from 10.000 to the maximum speed in steps of 10
  • Time t/min: 1 – 99 min. in steps of 1 min.,
    Time t/sec: 1 – 59 sec. in steps of 1 sec.,
    Continuous operation
  • Brake stage, selectable between fast and slow
  • Pulse key: For short centrifugation operations
  • Open lid key



  • Lid locking and holding device
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Lid closure of metal
  • Imbalance switch-off
  • Flexible motor bearings
  • Deep metal rotor chamber (die-cast-aluminium) to securely accomodate the rotor



  • Smooth plastic housing, easy to clean
  • Metal lid
  • Deep metal rotor chamber