BOECO Routine Binocular Microscope Model BM-120

Magnification: 40X- 1000X
Optical System: Compensation Free Binocular Head, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, Interpupillary Distance 55 – 75 mm
Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece
Eyepiece: Pair Eyepiece WF 10X /18 mm Widefield
Objectives: BOECO Achromat DIN Objective 4x/0.10
BOECO Achromat DIN Objective 10x/0.25
BOECO Achromat DIN Objective 40x/0.65, (S)
BOECO Achromat DIN Objective 100x/1.25, (S,Oil)
Focusing: Coaxial coarse and Fine Focus Adjustment, Range 20 mm, Fine Division 2 microns safety autofocus stop unit.
Condenser: Abbe Brightfield condenser, n.A. 1,25, Integrated iris diaphragm and filter tray. With rack & pinion height adjustment
Illumination: S-LED, brightness adjustable.
Body /power: Sturdy body with supportive rubber and inbuilt power supply 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Supplied with: Dust cover, green filter, immersion oil and instruction manual
Dimension: 1196 x 344 x 349 mm, net weight 5,9 kgs


Code Description Head Plug
BOE 1200.100 Model BM-120 Binocular Euro
BOE 1200.101 Model BM-120 Binocular US
BOE 1200.005 Mirror attachment for BM-120


Eyepieces for BM-120

Code Description
BOE 1800.301 Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10x, pc.
BOE 1800.302 Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10x with Pointer, pc.
BOE 1800.303 Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10x with 0,1 Micrometer, pc.
BOE 1800.304 Eyepiece P 16x, pc.